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"We were looking for a Piano teacher in our area with an emphasis in Jazz and Blues for our Son as our Son is preparing to audition for acceptance to The Orange County School Of The Arts (OCSA) Jazz Band program. Thankfully we found Mr. Evan Sachs. Mr. Evan has done a wonderful job teaching our Son Jazz Piano and Improvisation. Our Son loves working with Mr. Evan and he has excelled at a tremendous rate since working with him. In addition to teaching our Son Jazz Piano, Mr Evan has also helped our Son with his confidence in live performances. My Son was accepted to attend OCSA for the 2014/2015 year -- he is really excited. We feel specifically the attention, interest, and knowledge that Mr. Evan gave our Son played a major part in his acceptance to this prestigious school."


Paul Lianti


MrEvan is an incredible, amazing, talented, detailed, exciting and positive instructor who listens to what you say and what you play. I have been playing and learning piano for 24 years, and I can truly say WOW! The music, theory, rhythm and technique are clicking at a more experienced level than ever. I am just so thrilled!

Christy Sawyer , pianist/piano teacher, Lake Forest



There is NOTHING LIKE being able to master the exciting, intense and driving rhythms of Rock n' Roll. The expression in Rock, whether it be a ballad or a belting and fast unstoppable song, is always intense.. It can take some practice time to master the Rock Style. Some people think it is worth the time...I know I do.

Many students who come to learn rock and roll styles are also interested in Jazz.  For sure they are related.  The basis of Rock and Jazz Styles is  the Blues.  Teaching the Blues (as well as playing the Blues) is an Art.  That is because everyone approaches the understanding of Blues Basics differently. The goal is to be able to feel and play the music, authentically.
The same process that it takes to learn "the Blues" is found and experienced as building blocks for Jazz.
There are many rhythm patterns associated with the Blues. For instance, the "Shuffle" Rhythm. The Shuffle can be slow...or very fast. On top of the Shuffle Rhythm, done with the left hand, the Blues Scale is usually played in the right. Improvising with the Blues Scale is the first step in improvising whether it be in Rock n' Roll or Jazz.  Blues is indeed the basis of most Jazz, and Rock and Roll...after Blues is mastered, the styles increase in complexity always building on this foundation.
The same process that it takes to learn "the Blues" is found and experienced as building blocks for Jazz. This process  includes learning improvisational scales, Jazz harmony, and classic songs (Standards).  Learning to improvise on, harmonize and arrange Standards are some of the building blocks while learning Jazz Styles.

The Rock n' Roll Rhythms of Today....performed by ColdPlay, The Frey and Timbaland/One Republic for example, are all based on Blues and Rock n' Roll influences of the 50's, 60's and 70's.

Rock has its influences that went way before it in Gospel, and Church Styles. Those chordal styles are always useful and can be heard in songs like "Lean On Me" by Bill Withers, or Leon Russell's "Song for You". Sometimes today in church we can be treated to that inspiring Gospel outpouring of the choir spirit along with driving rhythms of some church bands which can bring an audience to tears of joy, and humility...Rock has its origins here.



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