Piano Choosing Service

Or....how to save thousands of dollars on your next piano purchase !!

Do you have a student(s) your purchasing a piano for?  Then you need to call MrEvan. He has saved and continues to save his students and their families thousands on EVERY purchase...(!)  Large companies like Costco, and even small local neighborhood piano stores or chains, will charge you thousands on your next purchase that YOU DON'T NEED TO PAY!   By knowing what to look for, MrEvan will procure a spotless, pristine, new condition piano for savings of up to half the price that you would have paid.  The quality of the instrument that MrEvan selects together with you will be much higher as well when you have a professional musician making the selection. 
Don't go blindly into purchasing a piano without calling MrEvan FIRST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 
Purchasing a Piano with MrEvan uses these steps:
1.  Contact MrEvan.  He will these important screening steps in purchasing your piano:
2.  Discuss with you your needs and determine with you the type of piano, and goals you have for your student and your home.
3.  Send you email choices of pianos with photos and images of the pianos according to your desires and budget. 
4.  Contact the owners of the piano, ask the important questions that determine quality, usage, purpose of sale, personality of owner, and screen the piano and      report his findings to you.
5.  He will check the piano by personally screening action, keys, condition of strings, hammers, tone quality and workmanship
6.  Arrange details for purchase and moving convenient for you!