Awards, Recitals, Pictures of MrEvan's Students

Music Teacher Association
Baroque Festival Prize Winners
Aria Smith
Abigail Rehard 
Titus Rehard 
  Isaiah Jacobs 
Maverick Hoyt 
David Chang 

Kyle Mellinger

Garrett Fritz

Nick Pettross
Aidan Ermisch 
Jessica Kylander 
Raquel Kylander 
Contemporary Music Festival Prize Winners
Ava Johnson
Xavier Johnson
Kennedy Jones 

Music Teacher Association Certificate of Merit
Student Completion Levels:
Congratulations to: 
John Koenigshoffer Level 3
Genevieve Koenigshoffer Level 6 
Layla Jessop Level 2 
Mallory Moody Level 3
Delaney Moody Level 3 
Alexandra Heinen Preparatory
McKenna Brownell Level 1
 Lydia Quevedo Level 2
Aidan Ermisch Level 4
Isabelle Comes  Preparatory 
Raquel Kylander Level 5
Jessica Kylander Level 4 
Ava Johnson Level 3 
Xavier Johnson  Level 3 
Madelyn Earnest 3
Stella Earnest Level 1 
Aria Smith Level 3 
Titus Rehard Level 3
Abigail Rehard Level 3
Leila Kennedy Level 4
Kennedy Jones Level 3 
Gena Koenigshoffer Level 2 
Colson Anderson Prep Level 
Layla Jessop Prep Level 
Abigail Rehard Level 3 
Titus Rehard Level 3 
Luke Rehard Level 1
Hannah Rehard Level 1 
Kate Westbrook Level 2 
Maverick Hoyt Level 1
Bella Hoyt Prep Level
Jonah Ahad Level 2 
Ryan Cheng Level 2
Leann Cheng Prep Level 
Isabelle Zuniga Level 4
Gabriella Zuniga Level 3 
Kinley Reynolds Level 4 
Katie Bayles Level 4
Ryan Bayles Level 2 

Disney Land Competition
Outstanding Instrumentalist in Advanced Band Award 
"Most Dedicated Instrumentalist in School Orchestra"

Nicholas Heinen 
Congratulations to: 
Nicholas Pettross 
 California State Fullerton Music Dept
Classical Piano Performance

William Oertel
Dominique Oertel
ACSI Piano Festival
Superior Rating 
Solo Division, Classical



Piano Lessons, Laguna Beach, Piano teachers

Kensie Sanchez, singer-pianist, warms up
W/MrEvan for a performance at
Dove Canyon Steakhouse


I feel very appreciated of my students presented me with these roses at the recital :)


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Winter 2017 Recital

Sunday, Jan 38,2015 at 6:00pm
San Clemente Presbytarian Church, Stephen Chapel
 119 South Avenida De La Estrella
San Clemente

MrEvan's Recital

  My son plays too!

Laguna Beach piano teachers,Piano lessons, Evan Sachs

Won at Baroque Festival 2014, and 2013
Maverick Hoyt, Aidan Ermisch

Eric (6) won the medallion above for playing Bach
Baroque Festival Medallion Winner


Gerry, my excellent friend and student of jazz styles

Piano teachers, Laguna Beach, Piano lessons

How to Practice.

MrEvan composed the theme and transition music to "Man With a Flip Phone".

Jeff Williams stars as a man longing for simpler times when we actually talked to each other rather than texting! 

Evan Sachs, Piano Teacher, Laguna Beach, Piano Lessons
Winter Recital 2012
Laguna Beach piano teachers, piano lessons, Evan Sachs

January 2010 Recital

Recital Jan 2007
June 2009 recital
Laguna Beach piano teachers, piano lessons

Click: Malaga

Composer Houman Safai came to me to improve piano stylisms. Together we collaborated to produce  "Malaga", (Recorded at MrEvan's studio.)


MrEvan plays for Church Meetings


student recordings

Sam Miller: "Chasing Cars" by S.P.

Houman Safai Composition: Malaga

Elyse E. plays "In My Life"-Beatles



San Clemente