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"  I am delighted to be a strong musical resource for the Home School Community and am an instructor with Excel College PrepEagles Peak Charter SchoolSky Mountain Charter School  and River Springs Charter School. I am fully a part of the movement for choice in education, and  to focus our kids on academics, ethics,  and the Golden Rule. I  fully believe that a Home School education has great advantages and that Home Schoolers for this reason, nearly always are among the  best of my students."

Parent Commentary

Mr. Evan has been a wonderful teacher for our daughters.  His use of positive reinforcement & verbal praise encouraged our daughters greatly.  They both excelled quickly in their piano skills and enjoyed their lessons with Mr. Evan.  The studio is spacious and accommodating.  I am able to listen & watch one daughter from a comfortable and separate room that also allows me to play or work with my other daughter at the same time.  As a homeschool family we appreciate Mr. Evan's flexibility in working with our sometimes changing schedule and finances.  He has willingly put in the extra work as a vendor for our homeschool program.  Thank you Mr. Evan for a wonderful piano experience.
The Taylor Family

To All Parents:

We have been so impressed by Mr. Evan Sachs teachings of the love of piano.  Our daughter Angela has exploded with unimaginable amounts of talent and love for the piano!  My husband and I will be eternally grateful for the knowledge and patience and encouragement that Mr. Sachs has given to our daughter!  He has been a means to our daughter's self esteem and confidence!  Thank you so much, Mr. Sachs!
Tim and Cheryl Abbott, Homeschool Parents, San Clemente


Dear Mr. Evan,
We want to thank you for doing such a nice job with our daughter's music training.  She has really evolved under your teaching. We appreciate how you've helped her love of singing and incorporated that with her piano lessons. She now confidently sings, matches her voice with her chords and fills our home with music most free moments of our days. In addition, she has learned her music basics - reading notes and playing piano.
You've done a wonderful job of encouraging her and keeping her engaged as she progresses in her music.
Thank you,
Sarah Bjorklund, Home School Parent 

We are so grateful to you for your inspirational guidance to Elyse's piano playing skills.  She has come to love playing again because of your openness to her musical taste.
     Steve, Sharlene, and Ellyse Elmer
      Homeschool Parents, San Clemente

Dear Mister Evan,

Thank you for your patience in teaching Donald how to play  the piano. We love how he is excelling!


Kathleen and Family

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