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Raising Your Child's IQ 


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A useful collection of the latest studies/video on how Piano Instruction uniquely raises IQ and Spatial Reasoning Math Scores:


Recently (1997), Dr. Frances Raucher and Dr. Shaw of the University of Wisconsin and University of Irvine, Ca,  have definitively concluded that piano lessons raise  overall IQ in children  5-8 years 3 to 4 points  More though, increased spatial mathematical reasoning skills by 34%.  Young beginners score 34% higher than the control group on tests designed to measure spatial-temporal reasoning skills -- those required for mathematics, chess, science, engineering. Computer training, in contrast, scored no higher than the control group. Conclusion? Piano competency generates the neural connections used for abstract reasoning and understanding mathematical concepts. See video/studies here:


Here is the video:



Let's Play Music Together! -- A Useful Article to Parents considering Music/Piano lessons by Steve Montano, parent  of MrEvan's student James.

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