The Art of Singing with Piano

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MrEvan teaches the rudiments of singing...from warmups, to chords and songs, both vocal and piano. Singing and playing piano requires a fair knowledge of both skills.  I like to start off with singing simple melodies and advance to Disney and the latest "hip" popular songs in time. A knowledge of chords at the piano is of great use,  and a willingness and patience to sing a song separately (kareoke style) before combining the two is ideal. MrEvan has a background and training in singing including continued study with Megan Theodoreau, Dana Greene, Jack Halerin and Frank Day.


Dear Mr. Evan,
We want to thank you for doing such a nice job with our daughter's music training.  She has really evolved under your teaching. We appreciate how you've helped her love of singing and incorporated that with her piano lessons. She now confidently sings, matches her voice with her chords and fills our home with music most free moments of our days. In addition, she has learned her music basics - reading notes and playing piano.
You've done a wonderful job of encouraging her and keeping her engaged as she progresses in her music.
Thank you,
Sarah Bjorklund


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